Winter clothes are seldom considered as quite fashionable. They are mostly an unwanted necessity that keeps us warm than something that could possibly create an impression that lasts. Of course, there are some cute coats and jackets that could bring a touch of delicate beauty to the lovely looking girls in the winter sceneries, but if we are to be realistic – these winter sceneries are not exactly the most common thing in the UK.

Instead of that, you are more likely to expect a gloomy soggy and quite foggy weather during the winter months, especially in the coastal areas of the country. Still, even that kind of weather that doesn’t include frozen wasteland sceneries, will feel pretty nasty if you don’t keep yourself warm.

That is exactly why you need some nice and warm winter clothes to keep you always warm. If there is a possibility to look great while wearing these clothes, which is a bonus. So, what can you do to stay looking sharp, even with these heavy winter clothes being out of the closet?

There are a few things you could wear and still look smart and dashing:

  • Coats
  • Jackets
  • Jumpers
  • Knitwear


Coats are always awesome. Wearing those sends a certain message – that you are a classy girl who knows how to look smart even in the worst of conditions. On top of that, the coats are quite warm if they are made out of quality materials and they will keep you safe from the cold and the damp.

Still, there are a few downsides there as well. Namely, unless they are of a top quality, they don’t react well on atmospheric moist, especially the rain and the snow. Exposing them too much to these two will shorten their service life and in no time they will look more like the old rugs than the fashionable winter clothes.

Given the fact that most of the time you can avoid getting wet, this is the item that will surely find its place in your wardrobe. One thing is certain – coats do look great and you should have at least a few at your disposal.

The downside is that these are quite pricey if you opt for the well-established brands. The brand name is what costs a lot, and not the quality. Luckily, you have Miss Floral to solve this problem! Our coats are lovely, made out of high-quality fabric, and not too expensive! If you take a look at our winter coats selection, you will surely find something that will suit your needs!


For more casual occasions and for harder weather conditions, jackets are a definitely a better option than the coats. These winter clothes are much warmer and they endure bad weather conditions much better than anything else on the market.

Of course, they are not as nearly as stylish as coats, but the winter fashion trends allow you to exercise some freedom when it comes to looks. Paired with nice jeans or trousers, these jackets can be a jackpot in fashion terms. Of course, you can combine them with various hats, caps, or beanies as well as with scarfs and gloves, and in that way, you can come up with more than acceptable combinations.

The bottom line is that the jackets are definitely more casual than the coats, but they are much more practical and you will certainly feel more comfortable wearing those. Naturally, Miss Floral can offer a lot in this department as well!


Jumpers are simply unavoidable in winter. No matter whether you opt for coats or jackets, you will need an extra warm layer beneath in order to stay warm. The problem occurs once you come indoors and you take off what you were wearing.

This is where jumpers fit in perfectly! Not only that these will keep you warm and comfortable, but they look both cozy and classy once you take off the first layer of winter clothes. There is something really comforting in the sight of a pretty woman wearing a jumper.

These are perfect both as casual winter clothes and for everyday occasions such as going to work or anywhere out of your house or apartment. No matter where you go you will feel warm and you will still look great when you are indoors and your coat or jacket is off.


Finally, there is a knitwear as a really special kind of winter clothes. This is something that can make any woman shine and bring out the best in them!

The appeal this kind of winter clothes create is something really special. It creates the look and the feel of extreme coziness, and it looks incredibly classy. Knitted dresses will look amazing on literally every woman out there!

Most importantly, this type of clothing will keep you warm! Finally, it really looks stylish and can be used even for the formal occasions!

Naturally, the most important thing is to buy knitwear from the reliable retailer as the quality of fabric, in this case, is really important. Even the smallest rupture in the knitting can destroy the entire piece in seconds and it can lead to some really unpleasant situations!

Once again, Miss Floral is your perfect partner for procuring these winter clothes! Our knitwear is carefully designed and the materials used are really resistant to wear and tear, as well as to the other issues that might occur.

If you combine these 4 types of winter clothes, you will be ready to impress despite the limitations of the winter season. You will be able to find everything you need on our website. Feel free to take a look and make your picks!