A modern woman is always on a go, whether it is at work conquering the business world or at home running her daily routine. An active lifestyle dictates that our clothes, and consequently fashion, have to adapt to remain relevant. So there have to be appropriate pants for women of action.

Though skirts and dresses are feminine and all, most days we just want to jump into a comfy pair of pants. But, then again, we are not willing to sacrifice style for comfort, at least not all the time.

But, of course, being comfy and stylish is not enough. The price tag is also important. By finding a piece that is of a more affordable price, you would be able to save up or be able to buy more clothes.

Another important issue to consider when buying clothes, especially trousers, is quality: quality of product and quality of service, both of which can be found in Miss Floral.

Though finding a brand that offers all in one isn’t easy, it is also not impossible. Miss Floral gives you just that: quality pants that are easy to combine but also offer comfort at a reasonable price. Read on to see how we stand apart.

Why choose Miss Floral’s ladies trousers?

So why choose us? What can Miss Floral offer that is different? It is quite simple, we care about the wishes and needs of our customers, and that is providing good products and service, such as:

  • Clothes which is easy to combine
  • Quality materials
  • Affordable price range
  • Classic yet fashionable outfits
  • Trustworthy service

Most businesses offer some of the mentioned services at the expense of others, but that is not Miss Floral’s policy. We care about providing great service and establishing trustworthy relationships with our customers.

Now let us tell you more about what we can offer you when shopping for a new pair of trousers!

Ladies pants are the basis of her wardrobe

We love pants as they are easy to combine with the rest of our clothes. Moreover, a good pair of pants for women can be a missing link around which the rest of the wardrobe can be created. Thus investing in one pair can give you a whole range of outfits. And that is money well spent.

Especially on more hectic days, pants can be a lifesaver. On a day when you have no time to change from daywear to evening or nightwear, it is the easiest piece to transform. By changing only a few details, like makeup and jewellery, your pants can be appropriate for a more active business or business-casual look and changed to a look suited for a nice evening in a trendy restaurant or a cocktail soirée.

Though owning a pair of pants is essential, there is one particular colour which stands out. For all ladies black trousers are a necessary item to have. They can be a part of a more formal look or an everyday look when combined with items in colour.

Quality pants for every day

Here at Miss Floral, we offer high-quality merchandise only, thus our pants are comfortable enough for all of your daily tasks.

As you run around you don’t have to worry about the fabric making you sweat or give out unpleasant smells. All materials are chosen to accommodate a quick lifestyle.

Likewise, we are aware that clothes are meant to be worn, and this is why materials and colours we are carefully chosen. Thus, more frequent washing is not likely to damage the material or its colours. 


At Miss Floral, quality doesn’t have to come at a (high) price. Our price range is another point that sets our products apart from others. So our trousers for women are not only made of quality materials and are easy to combine, but they are also affordable.

Though buying more expensive trousers is a smart investment if you are buying quality, in Miss Floral you needn’t sacrifice one for the other. At a reasonable, cheaper price you can have a piece that should last you many years and many washings.

Classic yet trendy

In womens fashion trousers are a must-have. It is simply the easiest piece to combine with the rest of your clothes. They just never go out of style and can save almost any clothes specific occasion. On a different note, high waisted trousers are ever-present in this season as well. At Miss Floral they come in variety of colours: black, white, pink, khaki, wine red and red.

You can trust us

Though online purchase is not a new thing, it is still clouded by lack of trust. We at Miss Floral pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our customers. We operate within UK legal system and there are no setbacks you might have experienced elsewhere.

As you explore our options you can be sure that our website is always updated, thus the choice you see on our website is the existing one. Moreover, what you chose and purchase is what will be sent to you. We value our customers and have no wish or need to provide anything but the best shopping experience.

Moreover, we are at your service and we are here to help if you come across any problems. In such cases, we can find a solution which is more to your liking.


Buying a new pair of trousers for women is a pretty tough choice, so it is rarely done in haste. All the parameters have to be met, or as many as possible. With Miss Floral’s products, you just can’t go wrong.

One pair can offer you a whole set of possible outfit choices as they are easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe or be a stepping stone in your wardrobe makeover. Material excellence provides for reliable and trendy outfits at a fair, affordable price.

If you are in need of new pants for women, look no further. Put your trust in Miss Floral and you will never regret it!