Every year brings a few trends that simply dominate the fashion world, and this year is no different in those terms. Some of these hot trends for the summer of 2019 are fun indeed and they will surely leave their mark to the coming seasons as well.

This is what you should expect to see when you go out this summer:

Blazers and bike shorts

Blazers are quite common for each summer and spring. It is nothing really new, as it is an evergreen classic. Bike shorts are also quite common but are mostly used in a completely different context. Combining the two is not something you would expect as a hot fashion trend, but this year brings exactly that! Although at the first glance this may look like a pure fluke and something that shouldn’t be considered as a combination to go out in, it will be a very popular combination this year.

Animal spirit

Leopards, zebras, tigers... they have all been an inspiration for fashion designers for years, but for some time these animal prints were pretty much off the table. This year, however – they are coming back with a bang!

You can expect those prints on pretty much everything this year, and they are not coming just in the natural combination of colours, rather be prepared to see some quite bold combinations. Not many women are capable to bring this style strong, but be prepared to see a lot of attempts.

Boiler suits

Boiler suits were a hot option back in the day and they are coming back in style again! Now, these suits will be mostly there in rather pleasant neutrals, but there will be some courageous pastels at the display as well. This is a style that fits many women and you should definitely consider it as one of the main options for your wardrobe.

Year of the Lavender

We already mentioned in some of the previous articles that the Lavender will be one of the hottest colours this year and it will be pretty much present in every facet of the fashion industry. You can expect it in both casual and formal outfits, and it is the colour that will definitely mark the summer of 2019.

Being quite a gentle colour and having good potential for combining with various other colours, it will be a great choice for most of the women. It is simply a great fit no matter your body type and the occasion you want to wear it for.

Puffs on the shoulders

This is an echo of the 1980s resonating in the late 2010s. Once it was almost unimaginable to think about the nice outfit without the puffy shoulders and shoulder pads, but for decades it was absolutely out of fashion.

This year the puffs are back and they are back with the desire to stay! It is to be expected that the volume and the size will change over the following seasons, but the puffy shoulders will be there for some time again!

The New Goth

Gothic was a style that was rather popular during the 1990s, but it was even ridiculed later on. It is something that is heavily connected to the youth and rebellious nature of it, so it was definitely not something to look trendy during the past 2 decades. Still, it is coming back and it is expected that many of the young women will embrace this style. After all, heavy makeup combined with deep dark pastel notes and ever-present black do look really nice on some women and they bring a note of rebellion and raw power to the table.

Tartan in all colours

Tartan was also quite popular back in the 1990s, and it is yet another retro style that is coming back. It is easy to combine these shades as they are pretty neutral even when coming with heavy shades of pastels imbued in them.

This is something that will be more present in the business environment than in casual style clothes, but still, be fully prepared to see a lot of those wherever you go this year.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats were usually associated with middle-aged men with dad bods, but this year these will make a great entry into the world of fashion for women. They are handy as they can be combined with pretty much anything connected to the casual look, and they are great protection from the sun.

Despite being something that is not usually connected to high fashion, these bucket hats will be a huge hit this year.

Patchwork everywhere!

Patchwork looks quite exotic no matter what you do with it, and this time the exotic will meet the summer! Patchwork will be omnipresent and it will find its way to everything from skirts to dresses and suits.

It is a style that definitely fits the younger population perfectly and it will look great on you if you wish to hit the “summery” look.

Shrunken bags

Bags are an integral part of any outfit, and this year the mini versions of the full-size bags will be a real hit. These mini bags do look handy and although there is a slight concern about the functionality, it is still the style that will be more than dominant.


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