Whether you are fashionista followed by numerous fans out there or just an everyday busy woman trying to juggle between her personal and professional life, clothes are still a tool as well as a toy. Even when the heat is up, you need to present yourself in the right way, and a well-chosen outfit can help you do that.

As you explore your current wardrobe, try to see how many complete outfits you can think of in your head. If you feel like you have some links missing, like a right accessory there or the perfect shoes here, then you know it is time to shop.

Building up a wardrobe is hard work, it takes time and a lot of effort, but the end results are always satisfying. Updating and upgrading is a constant process, but you must have something to work with otherwise every time you have to leave your house will be a pain the neck.

Here are some Miss Floral’s combinations you might want to give a try this season.

High waist trousers for a sophisticated look

Jeans are a lifesaver that every woman needs to have in her closet, however, rarely does a piece say stylish and professional at the same time like a pair of high waist trousers. As not every day is the right day to wear a skirt or a dress, trousers mean business and they don’t prevent you from actually doing your daily chores.

You can combine them with any kind of shirt or top, depending if you are going to see your friends or are going to work. This summer, choose plain bold colours for your trousers-shirt combos, so if you go black or white with trousers, choose a plain, bright colour like yellow, and vice versa.

If you plan to stand or walk all day, choose either heels which are super comfy or you might even want to go for summer boots, with a smaller heel perhaps, as they give you additional support around your ankles.

As the current trend dictates, but also does the weather, opt for more natural makeup and minimal accessories. Depending on your top, you can go for a multi-layer chain or opt for stylish metal bracelets.

A playsuit for fun in the sun

If you intend to spend your day out, perhaps in nature, you should consider a playsuit. It is easy to wear even if your day out means a picnic and sitting on the ground rather than catching up with friends in a bar overlooking the water.

The main colour scheme is typically pastel, soft pink, white, light blue, but also navy blue or bright red for details on the clothes. Thus, playsuits are easy to combine but they are also not visually without interest.

A pair of sunglasses might be in order as well as a straw hat with a wide brim. They will protect you from the sun, but they will also make your outfit stand out more.

Sandals are the top choice, flat or the ones with heels, but you can also try a pair of trainers.

Choose loungewear and unwind

Remember when loungewear meant any clothes what wasn’t good enough to be worn outside your house? Well now, the barrier between your home and the street seems to be blurrier as people around the world wear pyjamas to walks. Though most of us don’t go to such extremes to challenge the office dress code, people’s attitude to what is casual and what isn’t is changing.

The point of loungewear is that it is comfortable enough so that you can perform your chores around the house or rather yet have a nap in front of TV. However, a good choice of loungewear is clothes which you can also wear to go shopping, for example.

Such item combo can be a tracksuit in a combination with a comfier crop top, for instance. This is a great outfit for home, but also to work out in. You can take a walk, ride your bike in it or go running, you name it. All you need in addition is a pair of trusty trainers, a water bottle and your phone to keep the track of your progress. Unlike the old huge shirt you might wear around the house, a tracksuit that matches your body type is more likely to inspire you to spend your free time actively. But, it is still comfy enough to lounge in, though.

Dresses for an easy dress up

Especially in situations when time is limited and options are few, because of the laundry day perhaps, a dress can be a way out. A midi dress can save you big time because you can wear it to a variety of events.

Our favourite look includes a one coloured midi dress with flat sandals and a pair of oversize earrings. It is still stylish enough but you can go about your day without any struggle whatsoever. Of course, you can match the dress with trainers or super high heels for a night out, too. Depending on the shoes, accessories, makeup, and hair, you can wear the dress pretty much anywhere.


Enjoy the summer in the way you want to. If the perfect summer evening for you is to watch a film, we have an outfit for you. The same goes if you are too busy and have to find clothes that will make it easier to deal with the heat, we’ve also got you covered. Then again, if you enjoy spending your time outside in the sun, take out advice for your next outfit and you will be stylish as well as ready for some fun times.

Plan your outfits and try to see what is missing in your wardrobe, so you can create even more options to choose from. Luckily, Internet is full of information and so are we, so check out what we have to offer. In case you have any doubts about the purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us as we would love to help you out.