As soon as spring arrives, the sleeves go shorter but so do the legs on trousers. Tougher materials like wool are replaced with timeless denim or silky materials such as satin.

The new season brings back some trends, slightly updated, though there are some novelties, like biker ladies shorts made of denim. So there is a style to suit everyone’s taste and everyone’s curves.

The most important characteristic of a good pair of bottoms is similar to that of a good pair of trousers – that you can easily combine them with the rest of your wardrobe. This is why, the basic, neutral colours dominate in this season as well.

Here are some of Miss Floral’s takes on the new sustainable trends for womens shorts.

Biker shorts – fashion shorts of the season

Labelled as ‘the most curious trend’ of the season by Vogue (, biker shorts for women have been approved by a whole range of fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana and influencers like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid.

These models are not just for working out and riding your bike, they can work well with most casual outfits, paired with a slim or flowery tee and even dressed up with a blazer. Fashion designers even pair them with knee-high boots.

Though the design is characterized as slim, the length of legs may vary from a few centimetres over the knee to a few under.

Though some argue against them, they will be ever present this season. The spandex kind we remember are not the only kind, as denim and khaki ladies shorts will be even more worn. If nothing else they are in many cases a more suitable outfit choice, unlike short shorts that have reigned in previous seasons.

One downside is that though they are a great asset to a slim and slightly curvy physic they won’t work as well for other body types.

High waisted shorts are here to stay

Don’t worry if the bikers shorts are not for you and you would probably be happy to know that the high-rise shorts are still present in this season.

The high waisted bottoms are offered in various prints and materials. For a more casual look, you can opt for denim, with clean cuts or worn-out for a street look. Khaki bottoms look sophisticated and can be paired with one coloured tee for a fresh simple look or with stripped or dotted shirts, usually in lighter or monochrome colour schemes.

But not all shorts for women will be neutral, there are also models in geometrical or flowery details but which can be easily combined with white shirts and tees or those in colour.

Pair them with you trusty heels when going out or pair them with trainers, sandals or flip-flops, all depends on the look you are going for.

Denim and cargo shorts are still in

Denim is forever and though the previous styles are still here, like the worn-out and ripped look, black denim bottoms will domineer this season. What’s great about them is that they can be effortlessly repurposed. You can wear them outside doing shopping but even going out in the evening. Just change the shirt and accessories and there you go.

Another great product that is as fashionable as last year is cargo shorts. They are as comfy as denim and a bit more stylish though they work great for a casual look. There is a wide range of colours, usually neutral. However, apart from black, white and navy blue, they also come in light blue, ivory, olive green, light pink and many more. Of course, they can be dotted or stripped as well and they look great with one-coloured tees.

Why choose us

Here at Miss Floral, we love to follow trends but also advocate sustainable fashion. This is why we bring you items that we believe check all your boxes. Our top priorities are:

  • High quality of merchandise
  • Affordability
  • Ability to mix and match your purchase
  • Trendy forever

We are proud of the quality of our products. You can feel safe knowing that you can wear your purchase for seasons to come and not to worry whether the colours will fade or the material will shrink. Only quality material for our customers.

Quality of material doesn’t come at a great expense of cost. Our products are affordable in themselves and moreover, they are an investment as their quality will make them last longer.

Though our pieces are unique, they can be easily combined with most of our outfits you already have. Their colours and cutting make them particularly useful in designing and redesigning your everyday look.

If you love being trendy, you probably believe that you must rebuy your whole closet every season. Actually, you don’t’. At Miss Floral we are fashion forward but to a point. We promote pieces that we believe will be used for a few consecutive seasons.


Get ready for a new season with a brand new pair of shorts for women. Browse through our offer and see what you like and what works with your existing wardrobe. If you are feeling adventurous opt for some biker bottoms, or buy new denim shorts as it isn’t likely to go out of style anytime soon. Perhaps you can opt for a pair of cargos, as there are so many styles and colours to choose from.

Shorts are easy to match and they are a piece of clothes that you can wear in most occasion by changing the rest of your outfit. It is the base of an outfit just like jeans or trousers are. So you can go with simple and neutral and bring in something special with your tee, handbag or jewellery or you can choose some ladies shorts with more attitude and match it with a simpler shirt or T-shirt.

Remember that we are here for you, if you have any questions or doubts about our products, do let us know. Be confident that our clothes are top quality yet cost-effective, easy to match yet have something to say.