When you think about it, a considerable portion of our life we spend sleeping or trying to sleep. And as we get older the struggle to rest at all and sleep enough becomes harder and harder. This is why investing in a good mattress, pillow and blanket is always a good solution, but we might also reconsider what we wear when we sleep.

Our sleepwear needs to be comfortable, warm in winter and airy in summer. Nowadays, some pyjamas are expected to be worn around the house when we don’t feel like dressing up. So they have to be incredibly comfortable but likewise similar in style to clothes we usually wear when indoors.

But moreover, a cute set of pyjamas or a silky nighty can make us feel more confident. That feeling you just can’t get from your oversized old tees and bottoms.

Fitting tee and bottoms forever

Slip into a set of pyjamas to really start the relaxation process. There are so many versions these days. The classic PJs are coming back in a big way. They are slightly oversized so as to provide comfort, thus they are great to wear when moving about the house. Actually, there is a growing demand for PJs you can wear outside your house too.

Though the ‘classic’ kind typically comes in long sleeves and long bottoms, there are also sets with long bottoms but with short-sleeved tees. Prints can vary considerably, from one colour PJs, in dark blue, black or white, and many more. Likewise dots and stripes are back and they are as cute as ever.

For a more ‘modern’ look, consider colour mismatched tee and bottoms sets. They usually come is softer shades, like light grey, pink, beige and light blue. Their prints are usually pics and clever or cute quotes that can make your day.

Tees and shorts or Romper pj’s

As the days get warmer, we need comfier nightwear to sleep better at night. A shorts set, with a short-sleeved tee, is just the thing. They will fit you perfectly and furthermore they will also let your skin breathe. You can find them in various designs, from girly in print to sexy in lace. In addition, it suits all types, shapes and sizes, so there is really no reason not to have at least one set.

Another interesting piece of sleepwear is a romper nightwear. Sure you might question wearing it outside your house but at night there is nothing quite like it. Jumpsuit and romper PJs are no longer reserved for kids, actually, they suit women perfectly. They come in different styles, similar to classic PJs and in lacy editions.

Update your night dress

There are two most sought-after types of night dresses. A nightshirt is a cool and fun piece to have. They are great in summer as they provide room and they come in various cute prints and colours. There are options which button up like a shirt but there are also those which look like longer tees, and they are just as, if not even more, comfy. Opt for some short sleeves for spring and autumn and no sleeves for hot summer nights.

To complete your wardrobe you ought to have at least one nighty. Unlike typically cotton sleepshirts, nighties are made from silky materials like silk and satin and sometimes embroidered with lace. This makes them cool in summer but it also makes them attractive and playful in a more elegant way.

Unlike your regular clothes, you don’t have to reconsider what you buy because it doesn’t match something else. But, especially with a nighty, you might want to consider a robe and some slippers, too.

Why Miss Floral nightwear should be your choice

No matter whether you are shopping for a gift or you are treating yourself, our pajamas for women are a great choice. Choosing the right night time attire will help you sleep better but also make you feel good about yourself even when you aren’t all dolled up.

We offer a wide range of products, from classic PJs to stylish nighties. Though all products are unique, their quality and reasonable pricing will make them always the right choice.

The same goes for shipping your purchase. The items you have chosen are the ones you will be delivered. Also the shipping itself will be done in a strictly professional way.

However, if you have any issues with our products or if you come across any setbacks, let us know so we can sort it out as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our business.


Choose some new sleepwear and surprise yourself or someone close to you. Rarely do we buy something which we, typically, do not wear outside our home but this is exactly why you should buy it, so as to spoil yourself or treat your loved one.

Remember that your new sleepwear can serve not only for sleeping but also as cute and comfy clothes to wear while relaxing or running around your home. Plus you will feel more confident in it than in any old thing.

There is something for everyone so you can choose an elegant classic women nightwear or perhaps you want something to light up your mood like a funny mismatched tee and bottoms combo.

Tee and shorts are a must-have in summertime, though they can be worn for some time in spring and autumn as well. You can choose your colours and fabric and tailor your look. Adorable or perky, your choice.

Night dresses, either as a loose-fitting nightshirt or a satin nightgown, are always a sound choice. They are an obligatory piece as there are practical as well as incredibly flattering.

By purchasing from us, you know your buy is cost-effective as you receive top quality at a reasonable price. As the new trends update the previous ones, more and more models are made to be worn not only in the bedroom but also throughout the house, and some claim, even outside it.