The summer of 2019 has brought some really surprising trends to the streets and the beaches of the world, and the autumn of this year even surpasses the shock and the awe that some of the bravest summer combinations caused.

This year is all about mixing the retro and the futuristic styles, and the autumn trends add a pinch of techno culture to it all. There are a few major lines in the philosophy behind this year’s trends – heavily futuristic, and brave throwbacks. So, let us take a look at what will be hot and trendy this year!

The ‘70s are back with a bang

The fashion of the ‘70s was quite distinct, and although the forms and the colours were quite easy on the eyes, this style has been put on a shelf for 4 decades. Now it comes back with a bang!

There have been multiple collections inspired by the famous Club 54, and they introduce pretty much everything that was really trendy some 40+ years ago. Turtleneck blazers, warm and earthy colours, it is all back!

This style will perfectly fit the gloomy autumn and winter days and will bring a touch of warmth and cosiness to the grey around us. Women will definitely look lovely in all of these combinations, as these colours bring back gentle femininity into the focus.

The ‘90s are here to stay

Differently from the ‘70s, the ‘90s never really went completely out of fashion. The ease and casual approach of that decade are simply irresistible to most women, and it looks pretty good if the pieces are combined well. The grungy look of the ‘90s is almost an evergreen that hung around for a few decades.

This year it comes back into the focus, but it comes with a twist! It will be quite acceptable to combine this look with the ‘70s look and that is something that can produce quite spectacular results! One thing is certain – it will be a quite exciting opportunity to combine great pieces of clothes to produce some lovely results.

Matrix, all over again!

The movie series Matrix was an absolute blockbuster back in the day, and it continued being popular ever since. Still, that type of a bit strict yet futuristic look is not something that was really rolling out on the runways.

This year the things will be somewhat different! This strict futuristic style will be actually quite popular and more than acceptable. If you are feeling adventurous, this might be just the thing for you!


Knitwear was rather popular last year, and this season will be no different in those terms. You will be able to feel both cosy and comfortable while looking absolutely stunning, and that is the best part of it all!

Of course, knitwear is ideal for colder days as it provides warmth both in a physical and psychological way.

Recycled and repurposed

The fact that global warming is picking up the speed is making everybody uneasy and many famous people are giving their best to spread awareness about this not so pleasant fact.

The fashion designers joined this cause so this year recycled materials and repurposed pieces of clothing are quite present at the fashion shows. If you wish to join this fight, you can definitely resort to applying this approach. The results might you surprise as some of the looks produced in this way are more than appealing!

No genders!

The borders between genders are slowly disappearing everywhere, and this theme is also quite popular in the fashion industry as well. This year there will be some really new trends in the fashion industry with the accent on deleting the gender borders.

This does not lead to the classic unisex approach, but more to the elaborate outfits that have clear and strong influences from some of the iconic pieces from both sides of the spectrum. It is quite a bold trend that will not catch on quickly, but it is where the future seems to lead us!

Slouchy suits

Suits usually look neat and tidy, but if you are looking for the hottest trends for this year’s autumn season, there will be nothing tidy and neat when it comes to the suits. The slouchy look is actually what will be present pretty much everywhere.

It looks casual, elegant, and extravagant at the same time, so there is little to worry about if you are brave enough to try out this look!


This spring and summer patchwork was quite trendy and popular, and this trend continues into the autumn and winter as well!

Since these pieces always look lively and playful, it might not be a bad idea to get a few of those for yourself. Bringing a bit of colour into the gloomy and foggy days can make a huge difference! One thing is certain – you will feel great wearing these pieces!


Ruffles found their way into the summer dresses this year, but the march continued into the next season, so they will be one of the hottest trends in the autumn as well.

Ruffles look rich and appealing, and wearing pieces with a lot of them will make you noticed for sure! It is an ideal option for those looking to stay classy yet extravagant to a certain extent.


Transparent clothes are definitely reserved only for the bravest, but strangely enough, this will be one of the trends for this autumn. Of course, wearing totally transparent clothes is not something many women will try, but a transparent piece here or there is much more likely to catch on.

This look is absolutely brave and not ideally suited for formal occasions, but it could look smashing in some casual situations!

All of these trends will translate into Miss Floral’s portfolio, so if you are looking for pieces that will be both affordable and of great quality, feel free to browse our website! You will find what you’ve been looking for!