The winter is finally slowly going away and it couldn’t come sooner. This year the bad weather lasted for long enough, and the spring will be an ideal chance to shine and bring some colour into your life. Naturally, your wardrobe is a perfect way to infuse some light and colour into the world.

This spring the fashion trends will bring a lot of dazzling colours into the cities, and all of the clothing items that are trendy and fashionable will be quite colourful and cheerful looking.

If you are looking to shine and bedazzle people around you, there will be a need to shop for clothes that will follow these fashion trends. Still, is it enough to do just that much or do you need to make an extra effort to look impeccable?

Nice accessories could do just the trick you wish to pull off! Combining lovely little details with the colourful clothing is what can make you really stick out. Besides shoes and purses which are pretty much the parts of the outfit more than the details, what could you pay attention to in order to really achieve the effect you’ve been looking for?

There are 3 major things that will be noticed:

  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Your phone


Once the winter clothes are safely back in the closet, your hands will be finally exposed to the sun again. A nice delicate wrist is a lovely sight on its own, but if you put a bracelet on it, and that bracelet fits in perfectly with the rest of your clothes, you will have a pure jackpot on your hands!

This year the trends in fashion are perfectly aligned with what you wish to achieve as small colourful bracelets with floral motives are quite popular. Of course, you can find those on Miss Floral website, as we have an entire range that perfectly matches the models of the skirts, dresses and tops in our portfolio. By combining those, you will achieve an extremely elegant look with a dash of colour that will get you noticed no matter what.

There are more conservative bracelets as well that go perfectly with the single colour models, so you will be pretty much covered no matter what is that you wish to achieve with your looks.


Once there are no scarfs and tall collars around your neck, it is a perfect time to put some detail there as well. A well-selected necklace will give you a completely different look and will add the detail that will make your look complete.

This year there is a wide selection of necklaces and chokers that would fit perfectly with the spring collections that are trendy and fashionable. Depending on what you wish to achieve, you could opt for the black or shiny necklaces, or chokers. In both cases, you will find what you’ve been looking for on the Miss Floral website.

We have a selection of necklaces and chokers to perfectly complement any look you wish to pursue.

Phone casings

The final detail everybody will notice is your phone! It is pretty understandable why it is so since we all have our phones at our side at all times. It has become a staple for any man or woman, and it is not hard to fathom that it almost became a part of the outfit. It is almost non-stop in our hands and it is a detail that everybody will notice.

Now, phones usually come in standard boring colours such as black and grey, but there is a way to turn a simple looking and rather boring gadget into a detail that will define your look!

By changing phone casings and covers, it is quite easy to turn your boring gadget into a fashion detail! All you need to do is to pick an option from our portfolio and in a single move, you will transform your phone into a detail that will round off your appearance.

We have various phone casings and covers that would fit perfectly with all the models of dresses, blouses, and skirts we have in our portfolio. All you need to do is browse through our website and you will find something that will match your desired look.

Why should you buy here?

All of the aforementioned items could be found pretty much at thousands of places. So, why should you look for them at Miss Floral website?

First of all – we bring quality. All our accessories are carefully selected, and the materials used are of the top quality. This way you won’t be into the unpleasant surprises of acing faulty items that broke down or tear immediately.

Secondly, we are aware that these items are just the details. Often you will find those to be pricey and to even match the price of the clothing. We don’t believe in this approach and we try to offer options to our customers. That is why you will find our accessories to be extremely affordable and offered at the prices that make perfect sense.

Finally, if you are looking for something that is following the fashion trends to the T, you simply have no better option than the Miss Floral website. We won’t offer something that has been trendy 3 seasons ago, nor will we offer you something that can’t be matched with the other items on our website. This makes more than a perfect sense since you won’t have to look around to find all the elements of your desired outfit. It will be all at your disposal on our website.

When you combine all these reasons, it is clear that shopping with Miss Floral has more sense than looking around and wasting time, only to realise you got to see the best offers at the very beginning.