Many wonder what will be a single most refreshing and most popular design during the summer of 2019. We already mentioned in previous articles some of the colours and prints that will be dominating the streets and the beaches, but there is one specific print that is coming back in style!

Floral print is expected to be omnipresent this summer, and it comes in a variety of options that make it simply perfect for any woman, regardless of her age or constitution.

Floral prints will be everywhere, judging by the models presented by some of the leading fashion designers worldwide. You will be able to see those in the streets, on the beaches, in the offices – pretty much anywhere you look.

So, what does this bring to the table and what will be your options that include floral prints this year?


Swimming costumes and bikinis are always important, as every woman wishes to truly shine on the beach. This year, floral prints will be the highlight of the season when it comes to swimwear. It is a rather different style than the previous years, and it will require some shopping if you wish to follow this trend.

The good thing about floral print swimwear is that it fits perfectly to almost any woman, regardless of her body type. Since the floral prints this year will come in a range of different colour schemes, you will certainly find something that will fit you perfectly!


Summer dresses are incredibly comfortable and will be present everywhere during the summer season. When they come in floral print schemes, they open you up in a way no other design is able to do!

This means that during the summer of 2019 you will be able to feel comfortable and look absolutely gorgeous thanks to this trend.

Floral print dresses for this season come in all possible forms, so you will be able to use them both for formal and casual occasions. One thing is certain – you will look absolutely stunning wearing one of those.


Summer is the season when skirts are finally out of the closet, and this year floral prints will find their way in this segment as well. Since the skirts can come in various lengths and shapes, you will be able to find the right piece for any occasion.

The floral print skirts are extremely easy to combine with various tops, with or without print, and that will allow you to combine freely and get different look whenever you wish to! These prints go perfectly with the monochromatic pieces in colours that will be trendy this year, so there is hardly anything you can’t include in your outfit if the base for it is a floral print skirt.

Trousers and tights

Tights are quite popular for a while now, and this year they will come in all sorts of floral prints. These items are extremely comfortable and rather handy for everyday use, and they are also quite easy to combine with various tops.

Opting for those will ensure that you always feel extremely comfortable, yet very neat and attractive.

Trousers are more of an option for formal occasions or going out, and the floral print goes perfectly with them. It will give you a touch of class although there is a certain nonchalance to this approach. Floral print trousers are perfect to combine with other parts with or without print so you will have all the options you could wish for at your disposal.


Hot summer days are simply impossible to imagine without shorts. These pieces of clothes are perfect for the beach or going out during the day, and the floral print option looks truly amazing on them.

If you decide to go with this option you will surely feel comfortable all the time, you will avoid suffering from heat, and you will look stunning! It is also quite easy to combine these shorts with all kinds of t-shirts so you should have no problem picking the right combination on a daily basis. This is not something that is appropriate for formal occasions, but for everything else – floral print shorts will prove to be a jackpot!

Summer jackets and blouses

Summer jackets are definitely unavoidable for formal occasions as they give you a touch of class and sophistication. They look simply incredible – fragrant and refreshing when they come with floral prints on them, while not losing on a classiness at all!

The things with blouses are pretty much the same, only they do fit the informal occasions as well. Since the diversity in types and colour schemes of floral prints is expected to be rather huge this year, you will be able to find a perfect fit for your needs!

Shoes and bags

Finally, the details are what makes you really shine, and this year there will be more than enough options to choose from, as the floral prints found their way to purses and shoes as well!

Combining those with monochromatic pieces will open you up and bring a touch of freshness and class at the same time. One thing is certain – you will LOVE wearing such combinations.


Overall, it is clear that the floral prints will be omnipresent this summer. There is not a single piece of your wardrobe that will be immune to them, and it is a good thing for sure!

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