This spring and summer seasons will bring a myriad of new and vibrant colours to the market. The trends showing up during the most prominent fashion events have filtered a few options that have been widely accepted by all the leading fashion studios.

In the previous two articles, we have already touched some of those, and now we will conclude this introduction with the third and the final set of the trendy colours for spring and summer of 2019.


Blue is simply unavoidable as a spring and summer colour. 20149 will be no different in those terms, and there will be several shades of blue that will be an absolute hit amongst women of all ages and social statuses. Simply said, blue is so much incorporated in everyday life that it is simply impossible to imagine the world without it!

Clearwater Blue

Pastel colours for this season were mostly revolving around various shades of pink, but this particular shade of blue was also omnipresent as every fashion studio had it in their portfolios. Blue is a rather soothing and calming colour, but this specific shade is even more so! It is very gentle and very easy on the eyes, and it is to be expected to be present everywhere this spring and especially summer.

It is a shade that is easy to combine with other pastels, and it is very adaptable as well. It means that it won’t be present only in casual combinations, but informal outfits as well. It is pleasant and serious yet cheerful at the same time, so it is perfect even for classy gowns and formal costumes for the working environment.

Princess Blue

This shade is much darker and stronger than the previous one, and it is one of just a few colours from this side of the spectre that found its way into the trendy colours for this season. Although it is strong and powerful, it is also quite classy at the same time, so it is perfect for more formal combinations.

It combines rather well with some stronger shades such as Turmeric, and in those combinations, it elevates your look to an entirely new level.


This is the third and the final shade of blue that will be trendy this year. It is very dark and mysterious as it is the colour that leans the most towards the black, out of all trendy shades this year.

This is a colour for sophisticated and bold women and it is definitely not an option that every woman could opt for. The tone it brings makes it more of an option for going out or for formal occasions and can be hardly seen as ideal for casual everyday outfits.


Silver is a very tricky colour to wear. It is definitely one of the pure hits this year and is also the only metallic shade that will be “in” this year.

It is both futuristic and traditional, and it really stands out when compared to all other choices for this season. It is hard to imagine it as an option for formal occasions as it is too extravagant and too bold, but for casual occasions, it is quite acceptable. If you want to shock and make your presence known for sure – this is the shade for you!


Brown is one of the colours that are present in every collection for every season. It is so universal and so popular that it would be hard to imagine fashion without it! There are two shades of it that will be very popular this year.


This is a warm and very soft shade of brown. It works perfectly with various shades of yellow and red, and it could be just the option you’ve been looking for. It does fit more for the autumn, but the calmness it brings is something that would look perfect this year during spring and summer.

It is a universal shade that can be used in both formal and informal combinations.

Brown Granite

Brown Granite is a dark and powerful shade of brown that looks very calming and soothing. It is a classic shade that will find its way into any closet.

Its deep and classy appeal makes it perfect for formal outfits as it is rather conservative and would be accepted in any environment.

Whites and tans

White and various shades of tan are always needed to put the balance into certain combinations and this year is no different in those terms. There are a few shades that will be definitely the top choices, both in stand-alone options and in combination with other colours.

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn is an off-white shade of tan that is simply ideal for combining with other bright colours that are trendy this year. It is very gentle and delicate, and as such will just open up your combinations, without overtaking them at all.

It is one of the must-haves this year as it goes perfectly for both formal and casual options.

Creamy Tan

Surprisingly, Creamy Tan was mostly used as a stand-alone option by almost all fashion studios this year. It is a very gentle and unimposing shade between tan and beige, and as such is a true universal spring colour. Despite the fact that it was mostly featured alone, it is quite possible to combine it with the other trendy shades for this year.


Soybean is a very nice and gentle neutral that will be very popular this season. It goes very well with most of the trendy shades for this year and it can be used in monochromatic outfits as well. It is a universal option that is equally suitable for dresses and suits.

Universal is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about this shade, as it is also perfectly suitable for any occasion.


With this, we conclude the list of shades that will be trendy during spring and summer of 2019. Feel free to browse Miss Floral website as you will find many pieces in these shades there!