Colours for the spring and summer of 2019 are vivid and lively, and this season will bring us some truly mesmerising options. Of course, there are options for both bold and conservative women, and it is easy to find something that will fit your personality perfectly.

In the previous article, we mentioned which shades of pink, silver and red will be in, and in this one, we will touch the other colours that will be trendy during this spring and summer, so feel free to make your pick.


Yellow is always quite popular, and the strong pastel shades that will be trendy this year are definitely better suited for bold women who are daring enough to shine. Although most of the yellow shades for this year are quite strong, they are pretty well suited for both casual and formal occasions, and yellow in general is rather easy to combine with other colours. These are the shades that will be the best choices:

Egg-Yolk Pastel Yellow

This gorgeous shade that lies between yellow and orange is really something special. It is strong and vibrant, and as such is a perfect daytime choice for this spring. It will open you up and make you stand out without being pushy or too provocative at the same time.

It combines perfectly with other pastels so you can really give yourself a lot of freedom to experiment and achieve the look that will truly impress. It will be the especially trendy colour for dresses and skirts. If you are looking for something warm and strong yet classy, this is the colour for you!

Lemon Verbena

This gently and lively shade is simply incredible! It is tender and soft, yet very bright and inviting. It will be one of the trendiest colours this summer, and it goes perfectly in any piece of clothing. No matter whether you opt for the dress, skirt, or a costume in this shade of yellow, you will simply shine while wearing it!

For those who wish to use this shade and elevate it to a whole new level – they can combine it with various trendy shades of blue. The end result is simply amazing!

Aspen Gold

Aspen Gold is a bit deeper shade similar to Lemon Verbena, but with a very light touch of orange to it. It is also very sunny and inviting colour that will be very popular this spring, and especially during the summer.

It is somewhat easier to combine with other colours, especially with the shades of red, so it could be an ideal choice if you wish to experiment on the warmer side of the spectre. When used properly, it can be a great choice for any occasion, although it is primarily perfect for a more casual look.

Mango Mojito

The presence of this shade of yellow in trendy colours for this spring and summer is somewhat of an aberration. Its name does associate on summer and tropics, but in fact, this shade of yellow is something most people would classify as a perfect colour for the autumn season. Still, it has been omnipresent with all major designers in their spring and summer collections this year.

It is a colour that pretty much defies the standard trends, so it is an obvious choice for those feeling confident and bold. Wearing anything in this colour will definitely get you noticed. It is definitely a colour for a more casual look, as it is rather strong and rebelliously made trendy for the season where it doesn’t strike as an obvious choice.


Green shades are impossible to avoid in any season, and this year brings some rather different trends than usual. The popular choices now range from extremely conservative to extremely bold. This will allow you to pick without accepting “the best of both worlds”.

Terrarium Moss

This is a very convenient shade and maybe the most adaptable of all that will be trendy this year. Namely, it is a very natural and somewhat coldish shade of green that is easily combined with all the floral shades that are popular this season. Using it in this way, it is a shade that can give you a classy and feminine look, and as such is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

On the other hand, it is a colour that is also used to produce a somewhat militaristic look which is rather popular with some women in the past few years. It brings a clear association to the military uniforms of the ‘60s and ‘70s if used in that way.

Pepper Stem

This is a brighter and warmer version of Terrarium Moss. This shade of green despite the same roots brings many different impressions with it. It is much warmer and much more radiant. The first impressions it creates are health and renewal, and as such should be considered as a perfect spring colour.

If you opt for this shade, you will definitely bring a touch of vitality and freshness to your outfit. It is more of a colour for informal occasions.

Neon Green

This is a real shock maker of a colour! This shade of green screams and yells loudly, and there is no chance that you won't be noticed if you decide to wear it. It is one of those colours that will be popular this season despite all odds, as it brings a sharp contrast to most of the shades that will be trendy.

You need to be extremely confident and bold to wear it, but the results are beyond any doubt impressive. People will have no choice but to notice you!

You will be able to read about the third and the final set of trendy colours for spring and summer 2019 in our next article. In the meantime, you are welcome to browse the Miss Floral website and see what we have to offer in these colours for this season. Happy shopping!