The colours are everywhere, and the fashion industry is pretty much based on the trends that are changing every season. The colours that are getting popular manage to completely dominate the market, and you can see them eve4rywhere in the streets.

Of course, the changes in this department can reflect on you as well, as wearing trendy colours is really important if you wish to shine!

The season of the spring and summer 2019 brings a very vivid palette of colours that will bring a lot of playfulness and a lot of joy to the eyes. The general trend leans towards vibrant and impactful colours that are absolutely impossible not to notice once you wear them.


Pink is always one of the most popular choices as it is very adaptable and women, in general, adore it since the very young age. Depending on the shade, it can be used both for casual and formal occasions, and this year there are several really nice tones of the pink that will be a pure hit!

Powdery Ballet Pink is a rather neutral shade of pink that is very easy on the eyes and can be easily combined with pretty much any other colour. All of the top fashion houses had their interpretation of this colour imbued in their latest models, and it is easy to predict that this will be one of the top choices for every woman this year.

Pressed Rose is yet another very popular choice this year. Equally gentle and feminine as the previous one, this shade will allow you to combine freely and look your best no matter the occasion. It is one of the colours that simple screams femininity and is expected to be the absolute favourite with women of all ages.

Sweet Lilac brings us the pink with just a touch of lavender to it, and it looks really amazing. It is expected to be a very popular colour, especially in the spring season as it is perfect to break the gloominess of the winter. It will be used in both minimalistic and elaborate creations.

Light Lavender is perfect for combining with the darker neutral colours or yellow shades and it will be one of the trendiest colours this season. It is less feminine and a bit stricter than the previous shades and it makes it perfect for more serious women who are looking for something lively yet formal.

Living Coral is a somewhat different shade that is actually somewhere between pink and the orange, and out of all trendy colours, it is the one that actually brings the strongest association to the summer. It is very easy to combine this shade with almost any other colour so it should be a very popular choice across the globe.

Pink Peacock is the boldest and the most striking colour in this group. It is absolutely mesmerising and so bold that not many women will dare wearing it alone. Still, by combining it with neutral colours, it can be a perfect option for formal occasions, giving you the opportunity to be noticed while still looking absolutely perfect.


Red is definitely one of the most popular options every single year. It is a core colour that the fashion industry simply can’t ignore and avoid. This year, some really vibrant and strong shades of red will be trendy, bringing a myriad of options to those courageous enough to exploit it.

Fiesta is the strongest and the most vibrant colour of this season. It is a burning warm red shade that is simply impossible not to notice and it is simply perfect for any woman that really wants to shine. On the other hand, not many women will dare to wear it alone as it is incredibly powerful and has the ability to absolutely dominate the scene. Luckily, it is quite adaptable and can be combined with the darker neutrals.

Jester Red is the second shade of red that will be hot this spring and summer, and it is quite the opposite of the previous one. It is a dark and deep shade of red that leans to burgundy, and it is definitely one of the best options out there. It is easy to combine with the other trendy colours for this season, but it is at its best when worn alone. It is an absolute opposite of the Fiesta.


Silver comes with a single shade this year, and it is the most controversial trendy colour of the season. It is both historic and futuristic, and it is one of the bravest choices for any woman to wear. It is not easy to pull it off, as this is the colour that will get you noticed and you won’t be able to hide it in any way.

It brings a touch of extravagance to your looks, and you should be really careful how you use it. Still, all of the top fashion designers this year predicted silver to be one of the hottest colours out there and they all used it in their own creations.

This option is hardly appropriate for any kind of formal occasions, no matter if you wear it alone or in combination with the other colours. Still, it is a perfect choice if you wish to get noticed once you go out.


There is a number of the colours that follow this list and we will bring all of those in the next article. The one thing in common for all the shades we mentioned is that they are available within the Miss Floral portfolio and that you will be able to buy clothes in these colours at very affordable prices if you use our website.

Part 2 of this list is coming out shortly. Stay tuned!