Summer is a great season for all those who like dressing up and going out to be noticed. Still, it is not easy to keep the pace with the fashion trends as they change every year. The summer of 2019 will bring a lot of options, and we have already written about some of the most dominant trends that can be expected. Now, we will give you some ideas on how to combine the hottest items of the season to achieve the look that will be both impeccable and refreshing!

Mixing and matching prints

As we already mentioned in some of the previous articles, animal and floral prints will be huge this year! Leopard print is definitely one of the hot favourites, and if you use a skirt with that print as the centrepiece of your outfit and just add a nice pair of sandals, a top in the matching colour, and a hat – you will get a very fashionable and very cute outfit that will surely be noticed. On top of that, you will feel comfortable and feathery light!

Button down shirt and the layers

Instead of using a denim shirt or a light jacket as a pairing for your white summer dress, you can use a white cotton shirt. Just forget about buttoning it up, and you will get an alternative to a jacket that will be much more comfortable, and it will look incredibly fresh and appropriate for hot summer days!

Jumpsuits all the way

If you don’t want to overthink your outfit, the jumpsuits are really an ideal solution! Just pick one that is made out of light and comfortable materials, and you will be ready to go out in no time and without paying too much attention to detail. After all, this is an all in one solution that you bought for such purposes!

Summer layers

Short summer skirt and a crop top is a combination that is definitely more than popular and it happens with a really good reason. Simply, this is a great combo that is both pleasant to wear and easy on the eyes. If you bring your game up a notch and put a light cardigan on top of it all, you will get an entirely different look! From a casual style, you will jump onto the high fashion train and you will be perceived in a completely different way!

White pants

One of the biggest problems every summer season is coming up with the outfit for the office. It needs to be classy and chic, and it has to be comfortable enough if you want to avoid feeling tortured while working. White pants are the answer to this problem! If you use those, combined with a classy blazer, you will look astonishing, yet you won’t feel any discomfort at all!

Shine bright

Bright and vibrant colours are quite popular this year, and yellow is definitely leading the way. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get into a pair of bright yellow pants or to use a skirt of the same colour as a base for your outfit. Further combination with other bright colours will make you stand out in the best way possible. After all, the bright yellow brings the association of the summer so it is perfectly appropriate for this season.

Printed wrap dresses

Prints are popular and the same can be said for the wrap dresses. Seize this opportunity and use a printed wrap dress as a starting point for your outfit! With a few simple details such as sandals, sunglasses, and a few pieces of discrete jewellery you will be able to get the look that is great for pretty much any situation!

Denim cut-off shorts and crop tops

This is an evergreen for every summer, and you can’t really make a mistake wearing this combination. It will make you feel extremely comfortable and it gives that “summery” look. The only downside of this combination is that you can't really use it on every occasion. It is quite appropriate for going out and socialising, but it is hardly appropriate for the office or any other formal occasion.

DIY summer suits

Combining the tops, trousers, and jackets in matching colours can produce wonders! Instead of buying expensive summer suits, you can always resort to these tactics and produce matching results! This approach is great for several reasons. First of all, you can use all those pieces separately in other combinations for other purposes. Secondly, it produces a look that is classy enough for everything. Appearing at work in this outfit won't raise any eyebrows and it will be more than appropriate. The same stands for casual occasions, as this look is really universal.

Maxi cardigans

When speaking of the summer season, the cardigans aren’t usually the first thing to come to your mind, but they can produce some really incredible results if used properly! Long maxi cardigans made out of light and porous materials can do wonders for your look! They are very easy to combine with any of the usual outfits, and they bring a touch of class even to the most common and plain combinations. The popular colours for this year make them really shine and you should opt for this if you wish to bring a touch of chic to your casual combinations!

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